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T-Bucket Parking SignT-Bucket Parking Sign

ITEM NO. 975   Price: $19.50

Beautifully done metal sign.   Size 5" x 20".  Looks great in teen’s room, garage or game room. 

Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Speed Shop Oval SignSpeed Shop Oval Sign

ITEM NO. 1278-1   Price:  $36.45

Beautiful, oval-shaped hot rod sign.  Great graphics.  14" c 24" oval.  This one would look at home in any hot-rodders garage or game room. Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Quickies Pump and Polish SignQuickies Pump and Polish Sign

ITEM NO. 1641   Price:  $11.95

This 12.50" x 16" tin sign features an American Hot Rod with a Texaco pump in the background.  What a great sign for your garage or game room

Retro Auto Tin SignRetro Auto Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1236-1   Price:  $11.95

Check this out!  The front of a 51 Oldsmobile Super 88 Deluxe with a view of the Santa Monica Pier in the background.  Sign is 12.50" x 16".

Ford V8 Ol’ School signFord V8 Ol’ School sign

ITEM NO. 1149   Price: $19.50

Unique "Rod" sign.  14" dia. in shades of brown, tan & gray.  A truley beautifully done sign .  Artwork is very detailed.

Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

American Hot Rod Garage  Tin SignAmerican Hot Rod Garage Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1201   Price:  $11.95

Looks old.  Features a street rod and gas pump. This 12.50" x 16" tin sign would be a great coonversation starter.

Roadsters Rule Tin SignRoadsters Rule Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 986   Price: $21.50

The Roadster is the quintissential American hot-rod, and is still very popular today with enthusiasts.  This multi-color 17.50" x 11.50" sign features two "classic" roadsters that are "rarin’ to go."  Tin construction.

Roadsters Rub Polish SignRoadsters Rub Polish Sign

ITEM NO. 990   Price: $18.00 

Get that mirror finish with Roadster Rub Wax.  Sold here for only 79 cents, it’s the choice of all serious hot rodders!  14" diameter, Tin construction.

Roadsters Rule-Round SignRoadsters Rule-Round Sign

ITEM NO. 989   Price: $19.50

Catch the spirit of America with this drop-top roadster.  Features brilliant graphics on a grey background.  14" dia., Tin construction.

Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Sign, Roadster ParkingSign, Roadster Parking

ITEM NO. 974   Price:  $18.00

What a great sign for the Hot Rod Entheusiest!  This 20" x 5" colorful sign would look great in the garage, game room or teen’s room.

Hot Rod Garage Tin SignHot Rod Garage Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1358   Price: $11.95

What a great 16" x 12.50" sign for the garage or game room.  Perfect for a man’s "private space". 

Hot Rod Garage Hanging SignHot Rod Garage Hanging Sign

ITEM NO. 1282   Price: $128.00

Unique, double-sided sign with another, smaller sign hanging under it.  Comes complete with a stylish hanging  bracket. 14" x 24" oval sign.  Bracket extends 28" from wall.  Overall height including bracket is 22.50".

Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


Hot Rod Garage SignHot Rod Garage Sign

ITEM NO. 1273   Price: $47.50

Single sided, Hot Rod Garage sign.  Suitable for wall mounting.  14" x 24" oval sign.  Would look great in a teen’s roomSpecial Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Old School Cool SignOld School Cool Sign

Item No. 1330  Price: $29.95

What a great sign!  Depicts a 1951 Mercury, customized of course, adorned with an "admiring lady".  Fun sign for the nostagic "hot rodder" in your life. Size: 15 x 15 inch

Special Order:  Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery

Crusin’ Topless SignCrusin’ Topless Sign

ITEM NO. 1276   Price: $19.95

Hot rod sign with outstanding graphics.  Perfect for the den or game room.  Size = 11.50" x 17.50".

Fontana Raceway SignFontana Raceway Sign

Item SP00172  Price $99.95

Dedicated to dragsters and rail racers, the Fontana Raceway is well known and well respected in drag racing circles.  This 25" x 20" sign commemorates that piece of Western History.  Colorful baked enamel on steel sign would look great in the game room or den.

Muscle Car Garage--Detroit MuscleMuscle Car Garage--Detroit Muscle

ITEM NO. 1237   Price:  $11.95

A 1968 Camero with a view of nostalgic gas pumps in the background and a "view" in the forground.  This 12.50" x 16" tin sign would look great in dads workshop

The Great American Dream Tin SignThe Great American Dream Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1231   Price:  $11.95

Colorful, nostalgic 12.50" x 165" tin sign featuring two "rods" of "The Good Ole Days".  If you remember these, you should have this sign in your garage or workshop.

My Garage, My Rules SignMy Garage, My Rules Sign

ITEM NO. 1640   Price:  $11.95

This 16" x 12.50" tin sign says it all.  Hang this in your garage and watch their reactions.

Sign, Hot Rod Garage- Shell GasSign, Hot Rod Garage- Shell Gas

ITEM NO. 1672   Price:  $24.95

Great sign for the garage or Hot Rod "Man Cave".  Measures approx. 12.75" x 16

Sign, Hot Rod Garage Texaco GasSign, Hot Rod Garage Texaco Gas

ITEM NO. 1679   Price:  $24.95

Great garage sign.  Measures 12" x 18"

Speed Demon Hot Rod Shop Since 1969 SignSpeed Demon Hot Rod Shop Since 1969 Sign

ITEM NO. 2057   Price:  $11.95

12.50" x 16" tin sign is a colorful, devil of a sign (pun intended).  Great sign for the "Speed Demon" in your family (or the "little devil wanna be);

Hot Rod Garage Round SignHot Rod Garage Round Sign

ITEM NO. 2124   Price:  $24.50

14" diameter sign.  Great sign for the garage.

Speed Shop Diamond shape signSpeed Shop Diamond shape sign

ITEM NO. 2125   Price:  $29.95

Impressive 28" x 14 colorful sign is perfect for a prominant place on your garage wall.

Genuine Old School Laid Back SignGenuine Old School Laid Back Sign
ITEM NO. 2316 Price: $27.95
12" x 16" sign looks old and features "FORDS". Neat sign for your game room.

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